About Us

Treasure Trove Auction (The Trove), is a regional marketplace providing an alternative solution to other online venues and marketplaces, focusing on the collecting and selling market of hobby, sport and toy related items. It’s home to sellers from many events located around the Indiana, Ohio and Michigan area but not limited to, (as we expand in the Midwest).

Our current mission, and more so given the economic climate due to the health crisis, is to provide collecting enthusiasts a place to go when all types of "people gathering" events are being postponed or cancelled. We are striving for a venue that would be like going to your local toy, comic con, or sport show and be able to enjoy the passion of buying or selling that special item(s) that makes collecting a memorable experience. Because that is what it is all about, memories and creating new ones with either yourself, family, and/or friends.

As we continue to build up the site with more users and merchandise, please bear with us as it takes time to get a new project off the ground. We all will be growing and learning together in what it takes to be part of making this all worthwhile ----- The joy of collecting!  We encourage your feedback as we move forward in making "The Trove" a fun place to go to and be part of!

Please feel free to send us an email and also visit us at our Facebook page and like us and please share us! Get the word out! Thank you, the Treasure Trove Auction staff. -- March 2020